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how to use canvas drop cloth to make pillowcase?

For the manual lover, the canvas drop cloth is a good manual material, want to know how to use canvas drop cloth to make pillowcase? Please read the following ! 
Below are the things you need to prepare:
Two Drop cloth cut into your desired measurement inch squares
Cut out pieces of colorful fabrics in a triangle shape
- zipper
- pencil for outline
- sewing machine or neddle for hand stitch if you're confident enough
first using the pencil, you need to draw a line for the draping of the bunting. Make sure that it is lightly drawn.before we start sewing the cut out pieces of fabrics into your drop cloth.
Then, take your triangle pieces and space them out as you like using the line drapings you drew in your drop cloth. Make sure to choose the color of the thread wisely so it will blend in the colors of the triangles.
Next, sew a zigzag stitch in all the draping lines drawn on the drop cloth. This is best done using a sewing machine and
your front pillow cover is done! You can also repeat the steps so that your pillow covered drop cloth has a design from both front and back.
Lastly, sew the 2 Drop Cloth squares! Fold it together in the wrong side facing out and sew only the 2 side seams. Sewing the folded over bits that make the opening is completely unnecessary and leaving this part out cuts your sewing time in HALF! Trust me, they stay put and you’d never know they’re not sewn. I feel so sneaky.

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