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china drop cloth,drop cloth

Did you see the black canvas drop cloth?

The humble canvas drop cloth, protector of floors and furniture from paint drips and sawdust and fragments of fiberglass like stiffer bits of spiderweb.  Draped across the world, dirt curtain, a presence that accompanies action, work, change like a wool hat in the winter, like shovels at a grave. Sturdy but not without softness, canvas, tan, an unbleached, undyed earthcolor.

Made of black canvas for those really dirty jobs.
Availablle in 5×12 or 6×8.
Great for chimney sweepers.

These Black canvas drop cloths work great for hiding dirt and grime betweem jobs. So Chimney sweeps and Duct cleaners can enjoy multiple uses between cleanings, making them a great alternative to the everyday dropcloths. Adding custom logos to this black material enhances your company logo allowing your company name to stand out even more for the referral business.